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September 15, 2011
Six years later, and a lot has changed. There are probably a lot of interesting things that can still be done with this site, but for now I'm keeping it online as a geeky museum piece. Google now has most of O'ahu and many of the major roads on the neighbor islands covered with Google Street View. So for more recent and much more complete and interactive imagery, check it out!
February 12, 2005
Why do they keep changing signs on me? While this setup (note the lane markings) is a great improvement over the old way, it looks like I caught this sign only halfway into its change from this one. Until I get it all sorted out, check out H-201 West, just posted.
October 24, 2004
Turns out taking photos is much more fun than processing them. Started on H-1 West from Kāhala. What happens when you take several tries to capture a stretch of road? Compare this Oct. 11 photo with this Oct. 1 photo.


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